How To Be A Great Seller

Dated: 08/21/2019

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This all goes back to the Golden Rule to  "Treat others the way you want to be treated."  The same applies to Sellers.  Now I am not talking about giving Buyers the moon or anything financial.  But I must say lately I have been impressed by Ft. Worth Home Sellers that have gone above and beyond.  For instance, the contractor was there working anyway so the Seller had a few extra items fixed that was not even requested by the buyers. They weren't costly repairs.  Just something that will save the buyers some money over time.  What about the appliances, HVAC and other home manuals? Should you leave those for the buyer? Absolutely.  Most sellers do this.  Imagine as a buyer receiving a completely organized binder with the manuals and everything else you can think of.  Such as the receipts for recent repairs.  The contact information for services they use such as pest control and lawn service.  All the home maintenance receipts and records.  Now that is just a great book of information to have.  Especially when you get ready to do routine home maintenance.  Beside this binder was a nice greeting card wishing the buyers many years of happiness in their new home.  Even Real Estate transactions have room for some kindness. 

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